From The Barrack Tavern to The Fulford Arms


A Public House has stood on this site since at least 1822, but at that time the building was named The Barrack Tavern and served as the main watering hole for the Imphal barracks as the name suggests

The pub itself looked slightly different from the outside with a smaller archway and a tobacconists as part of the building.

By 1956 the archway had extended to allow traffic to park to the rear of the building and soon it became part of the Bass North chain.

In 1976 the new licensees decided that it might be wise to change the name of the pub after the IRA bombings in Strensall and the targeting of buildings linked with the army and so the name was changed to The Fulford Arms.

Since then the inside of the pub has undergone some major changes from being a lounge bar to having guest rooms, and even featuring a wall splitting the bar itself in half. In 2014 we underwent a major refurbishment with over £150,000 being spent to completely move the bar and build a dedicated stage for us to provide some of the best entertainment in York and establish a reputation as the best music venue in York


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